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Item #38258

Winchester Earliest 30-06 Commercial loading Full Box 1909 Ammo

  • Price: $295.00
  • Maker: Winchester
  • Model:
  • Caliber: .30-06

  • Description: This is a full 2 piece box of 20 rounds of Winchester .30-220 (.30-06) ammunition with 220 Grain Soft Point, metal patched bullets. This is the very first loading of this round with commercial sporting ammunition. Giles & Shuey list this box on p206 with an R3+. The box is missing the bottom half of the primary label. The box labels are a mixture of dates with the primary, top and side labels dated 10-9. The W call out label is 2/10 and the bottom side label is dated 7-8 and all appear native to this box. The box is in sound condition with wear to the edges but all seams are intact. The rounds appear original and correct to this box with W.R.A. CO 30G 1906 head stamp, some verdigris on a few of them. A rare box.