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Item #28985

Westley Richards Antique Shotgun Percussion Conversion to Centerfire

  • Price: $1,145.00
  • Maker: Westley Richards
  • Model: Double
  • Caliber: 10ga

  • Description: Serial #4262, 10 ga., 28 barrels with very good bores that have light freckling and pitting along their lengths. This is a splendid and interesting gun that began life as a percussion double with large rectangular patchbox on the right side having an engraved standing lion motif. The gun was subsequently converted by Westley Richards to pinfire with the original forend sectioned and reshaped to provide an opening hinge (the barrels are still wedge-fastened), and a Westley Richards marked, pinfire breech-piece was fitted which transformed the original gun into a top lever opening design. The gun was later converted yet again by filling the original inletting of the pinfire breech with self-contained firing pin assemblies. Likewise, the original pinfire hammers were reshaped at the nose by grinding the pinfire hammers to a blunt tip (which was done for visual identification purposes only, since the hammers themselves contact the firing pins at the rear of the heads where they join the necks). The barrels are worn along the exterior, so there are no longer any discernible maker markings along the barrel rib, however the London proofs and matching serial number are still present on the undersides of the breech. The metal has an overall dull, pewter gray patina with scattered spots of freckling throughout, and some minor areas of pinprick pitting here and there. The English walnut has a fine old oil finish with scattered light handling marks and blemishes scattered throughout, including a small repair on the left side of the buttstock near the toe. The lock-up is still tight and the mechanism is fully functional. This is a very interesting gun. Antique