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Item #15345

WWII Bausch & Lomb MK 23 BU Aero 10x50 binocular

  • Price: $265.00
  • Maker: B&L
  • Model: MK 23
  • Caliber:

  • Description: This glass has been de-milled with all markings buffed off. When a comparison is made as to screw placement and ocular size (see page 26 in "A guide to hand held military binoculars" by Dr. Stepen Rohan. It is quite evident that this glass is the "MK 23 BU auto *navy)" made by Bausch & Lomb from 1942-1945. The author describes this glass as "rarely encountered ."In a brown leather carry case marked "case, carrying, M44/D-43813" exceptional clear optics.