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Item #36348

US Model 1863 Percussion Rifle by Remington

  • Price: $2,795.00
  • Maker: Remington
  • Model: Zouave
  • Caliber: .58

  • Description: NSN, .58 caliber, 33 barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This well-made percussion rifle has about 70-75% of the original blue remaining on the barrel which blends smoothly into a blue-gray mix on the balance. The lock plate has a mottled gray patina with visible traces of original color case-hardening on protected areas. The hammer likewise has traces of color in a predominantly freckled brown patina. The lock and breech markings are still crisp and clear. The brass fixtures are in very good shape and have a pale, yellow-ochre patina with scattered small marks and blemishes but are starting to re-patinate on the edges. The walnut stock has an excellent original oil finish with small handling marks and surface bruises scattered throughout. The cartouches are crisp and clear on the left side of the stock and a similarly dark plum iron ramrod is included. The patchbox contains two spare nipples, and a stamped name: C.J. McCLURE deeply struck into the wood. As an amusing aside, there is a single C.J. McClure (Charles J. McClure) listed as having served in the Civil War. He served in the 11th Ohio Infantry, and rose from Corporal to 1st Lieutenant before his discharge in 1864. Of course, he would not have been issued this rifle (none of the 1863 Remingtons were issued to troops), but it is conceivable that he bought one from Bannermans after they purchased the entire production run following the war. This is a fine example of a Zouave Rifle and would make a great addition to any collection. Antique