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Item #13711

Spanish Knife Dated 1798

  • Maker: Spanish
  • Model: Knife
  • Caliber:

  • Description: 11" blade overall. 15 1/2" Spanish dirk from the 18th century. See item #275 of "Deans Daggers Pieces from the Catalog of European Daggers The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York - Daggers from 1300 to 1800". Within the grip is a brass tube which encircles the tang. This is partially enclosed by an engraved brass cylinder. This piece has two deep ornamental ferrules at the base of the blade. Running from the pommel to the base are 5 lozenge shaped strands of twisted brass wire. The piece is engraved and has 5 engraved brass inserts in the blade back. A close to identical dagger is shown on plate LXXVII of the aforesaid work. A significant dagger for the serious collector.