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Item #11910

Scarce British Police Short Sword and Scabbard

  • Maker: British
  • Model: Sword
  • Caliber:

  • Description: A Victorian era British police sword with no marks which is more often than not the usual case. The 24" curved blade has a 22 1/2" fuller and a 7" sharpened back edge. The grip is of fishskin with wire winding, (The wire is now missing). The guard, griping ring and pommel are brass as are the throat and tip of the leather scabbard. The sword has a button actuated catch that locks into the scabbard throat. The scabbard throat has a stud for a frog. Fine overall condition with the blade showing no nicks or pings with only the grip wire missing. Also included is a photocopy of two pages from the book "The Policeman's Lot", a 1985 English publication. Antique