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Item #38948

Rare WW1 Lee Enfield Mk.I Rifle and Bayonet 88th Victoria Fusiliers

  • Maker: Enfield
  • Model: MK.1
  • Caliber: .303

  • Description: Serial #9011, .303 British, 30 1/4 barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is an 1896-dated, Enfield-made rifle that has retained 85-90% of the original blue finish that has silvered along some of the high edges and faded to a mellow plum-brown along the balance. The bolt is matching numbered with streaks of gray along the bearing surfaces, and the volley sights and magazine cut-off are still present. The walnut stock and forend have numerous small handling marks and blemishes in the armory-added oil finish, with still clear Enfield cartouche and Canadian M&D stamp (Militia & Defence). The buttplate tang is unit and issue number marked: 88 VF / 206 (88th Victoria Fusiliers / #206). The 88th Victoria Fusiliers was a volunteer battalion raised in Victoria, BC in the autumn of 1915 for service with the CEF in the Great War. They embarked for England in June of 1916, and were absorbed into the 30th Reserve Battalion, CEF a month later. This gives a relatively short window of time when this rifle, obsolete when the unit was raised, wouldve been unit marked. An original chained magazine is included (the chain is detached), but the cleaning rod is no longer present. A 7 96-dated, (crown) / VR marked pattern 1888 bayonet is also included which has a lightly freckled, pewter gray blade, and darker brown freckling on the crossguard and pommel. The hilt is issue numbered 691, and the walnut grips, fastened by four brass rivets, are in fine shape with minor handling marks throughout. The buff leather scabbard has moderate scuffing throughout, but is still intact, and has a discernible WD stamp on the reverse. The steel chape and throat have mottled freckling and bright gray metal throughout. This is a very nice Mk. I Long Lee, and has an unusual connection to the First World War. Antique