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Item #38642

Rare Published Webley Pre-RIC Revolver Serial number 4

  • Maker: Webley
  • Model: RIC
  • Caliber: .442

  • Description: Serial #4, .442 CF, 5 octagon barrel with a fine, bright bore that has some traces of minor freckling within the grooves. This is a very early gun that has an integral barrel/frame with push-spring safety on the left side, thumb-screw cylinder pin lock, and rearward pivoting loading gate. The metal has a mottled pewter gray patina with dark spots of plum-brown present, heaviest at the grip juncture on both sides. The topstrap is marked: LONDON ARMOURY Co. / JAS. KERR & Cos. SUCCESSORS / 34 KING WILLIAM St. LONDON; and the Webley Winged Bullet trademark is present on the left side. The checkered walnut grip has numerous minor blemishes, as well as moderate flattening of the points, however there are no chips or cracks, and the original screw-in ejector rod is still present at the butt. The action is functional in DA, but the trigger return spring does not work, and the sear no longer catches the hammer in SA. This very revolver is described and illustrated on pg. 16 of Webley Solid Frame Revolvers Models RIC, MP, and No. 5 by Black, Davis, and Michaud (2010). This is a very good example of a rare, Pre-RIC revolver that has both a single digit serial number, and been published in a respected reference. Antique