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Item #38825

Published Webley RIC M/83 Revolver by Boss & Co. Rare Gun

  • Maker: Webley
  • Model: RIC
  • Caliber: .455

  • Description: Serial #61951, .455 Webley, 2 3/8 barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a handsome revolver that retains 90-95% of the original bright, commercial blue finish, that has silvered along the high edges, and projections, and flaked to plum-brown along the rear portion of the frame. The topstrap is marked: BOSS & Co. / 73 St. JAMESS St. LONDON; and the standard Webley markings are present on the left side of the frame. The hammer, trigger, and ejector assembly are still armory bright, with some minor specks of freckling present. The checkered walnut grip is in fine condition with only a few very minor handling marks and blemishes present, and some light flattening of the points. The revolver has tight lock-up and the mechanism is fully functional in both single and double-action. This very revolver is illustrated on page 180 of Webley Solid Frame Revolvers Models RIC, MP, and No. 5 by Black, Davis, and Michaud (2010); and is an absolutely splendid example of a late Model RIC revolver, retailed by one of the greatest names in British gunmaking, that rates fine-excellent condition, and would make a fantastic addition to any collection. Antique