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Item #33096

Musgrave Model 1950 Columbian Mauser Rifle Action

  • Price: $245.00
  • Maker: Mauser
  • Model: 1950
  • Caliber:

  • Description: Serial #F02430. This is a .30 marked Mauser action (on the bridge) that started out as an FN-made, Model 1950 Columbian Short Rifle. The metal retains 85-90% of an added phosphate finish with silvering along the high edges, and dark patches of pplum-brown freckling on the otherwise gray bolt. There is an import mark on the left side (which would be covered by the stock on a finished rifle). The follower and magazine spring are no longer present, and the action was imported to South Africa for conversion to commercial applications by Musgrave in Bloemfontein, RSA. Their name is stamped on the underside of the action next to the magazine housing. This is a very good-fine, FN military rifle action, ready for conversion to a sporting or target rifle. FFL