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Item #37915

Manhattan Navy Model Revolver

  • Price: $695.00
  • Maker: Manhattan
  • Model: Navy
  • Caliber: .36 Cal

  • Description: Serial #68544, .36 Caliber, 4 octagon barrel with a very good, lightly pitted bore. This is a later, Type IV revolver that has the 10 notch, 5-shot cylinder, and has an overall dark plum-brown patina with mild freckling throughout, as well as some moderate peen marks on the sides of the hammer, and around the non-matching barrel wedge. The walnut grips are in very good condition with small handling marks and blemishes scattered about both sides. A small hole has been drilled into the top of the left side to relieve the stress on a hairline, with-the-grain crack. The lock-up is still fairly tight, but the mechanism is still fully functional. This is a very nice, short-barreled Navy Model Manhattan ,and is in very good condition overall. Antique