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Item #38148

Lot of British 1-Inch Flare Cartridges Including Proof Load

  • Maker: British
  • Model: Flare Cartridges
  • Caliber:

  • Description: This lot consists of three cartridges in all. First is an Eley headstamped shell with grooved rim firing a single red star, and flaked lacquer seal at the mouth (4 in length); second is a J.P.&S. / V headstamped shell (J. Pain & Sons) with smooth rim firing a single white star (3 7/8 in length); last is a non-headstamped proof shell with black paper hull, and Proof marked disk at the mouth. The hull is dated April of 1943, and has printed lot code (3 7/8 in length). The shells are all in good condition with some wear to the paper hulls, and mild tarnish along the brass bases. This is a nice selection of original British military flares, and would make a fine adjunct to a collection of British very pistols, or flare projectors.