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Item #22803

Interesting Winchester Bolt Action Test Receiver

  • Maker: Winchester
  • Model:
  • Caliber:

  • Description: Serial #031. This is a bulky, bench rest action used for engineering and/or ammunition testing. The receiver is Winchester roll-marked along the top of the blocky, faceted receiver ring, and retains about 85-90% of the original blue finish that has specks of mild brown freckling throughout (heaviest along the bolt raceway). The bolt is no longer present. The receiver itself has been rendered completely unserviceable by the loss of a large section of metal at the right rear of the receiver, and by the further, purposeful constriction of the tubular center section of the receiver that has coincidentally caused a wide crack to form along the drilled and tapped holes along the left side wall. This is a very interesting Winchester collectible that would make a fine addition to any collection.