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Item #39014

Early Rare Box of Winchester 40-72 Smokeless Ammo 300 Gr.

  • Maker: Winchester
  • Model: Ammo
  • Caliber: .40-72

  • Description: This is a scarce box of Winchester .40-72 in a very early blue labeled, 2 piece box with two yellow Smokeless sunburst labels containing Metal Patched, Smokeless rounds. The box has 18 original loaded rounds and two that have been fired and all appear native to the box with w primers and correct bullets all in excellent condition. The circa 1897-98 box labels have very good graphics with a nice woodcut of the cartridge that show some wear. The box is mostly solid with some minor seam separation and very light soiling and has one original wood insert. Listed as an R3 on p221 of Giles and Shuey's book this rare box would make a great addition to any collection.