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Item #34079

Civil War Era Brazilian Minie Rifle (Modified)

  • Price: $495.00
  • Maker: Brazil
  • Model: Minie
  • Caliber: .61 Cal

  • Description: NSN, approx. .61 Caliber, 32 barrel with a fair, lightly pitted bore. This is one of the Belgian-made rifles originally intended for Brazil that made their way to the US during the Civil War. The rifle was made in Liege, Belgium by the O.P. Drissen firm, and their D (Anchor) C maker's mark is present on the lockplate and stock furniture. The barrel (which has been bored out from the original rifled .58 to .61 smoothbore), barrel bands, and lock have an overall mottled plum-brown patina, while the brass trigger guard and buttplate have a mellow, ochre-yellow patina. The rear sight and bayonet bar were removed when the rifle was converted into a smoothbore fowler at some point in the past. The walnut stock has numerous handling marks and blemishes with chips missing from the edges of the ramrod channel, a series of with-the-grain cracks at the rear lock screw bolster, some further drying cracks at the butt, and a modern repair at the heel. Some indistinct letters or markings have been carved into the left side of the stock, and the outline for the American Eagle shield added when the guns were shipped to the USA is still visible on the top of the wrist. This is an interesting, and hard to find foreign percussion rifle, originally intended for Brazil, but diverted to America during the Civil War. Antique