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Item #38339

Bavarian Artillery Marked Mauser Model 1879 Reichsrevolver

  • Price: $1,995.00
  • Maker: German
  • Model: Reichsrevolver
  • Caliber: 10.6mm

  • Description: Serial #4392, 10.6 x 25R, 7" barrel with a fine, bright bore that has areas of dark freckling along its length. This is an 1882 dated revolver that has all-matching numbers, and a GEBR. MAUSER & CIE. / 1880 / OBERNDORF makers mark on the left side of the frame. The metal retains 75-80% of a mix of original and added blue with the balance faded to a smooth, plum-brown, and there is bright metal along some of the high edges and contact points. The lock-up is tight, and the action is fully functional, however the loading gate spring is a bit weak, causing the gate to shut loosely. The sanded walnut grips rate about good-very good with an added, glossy varnish over minor handling marks and scratches on both panels. Unit markings are present on the butt denoting use by two different Bavarian artillery units: B.4.A.6.14 (4th Bavarian Artillery, 6th Battery, Gun 14) and B.10.A.4.14 (10th Bavarian Artillery, 4th Battery, Gun 14). Additionally, the lanyard swivel has been removed and a crossed cannons insignia installed in its place. This is a scarce, Mauser-made Reichsrevolver, that has seldom seen Bavarian unit marks, and rates very good condition overall. Antique