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Item #34594

Antique Winchester High Wall Target Rifle Pope Barrel& Bullet Starter

  • Price: $11,995.00
  • Maker: Winchester
  • Model: 1885
  • Caliber: .32-40

  • Description: Serial #81821, .32-40, 31 1/2 octagon barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is an 1898 made rifle, rebarreled as a breech-muzzle-loader by the legendary Harry Pope, and marked H.M. POPE, HARTFORD, CONN., on the top flat just behind the forward scope block. The barrel (Pope-numbered 357 under the forend) retains about 30-40% of the original blue, with the balance mostly turned to a dark blue-gray patina with silvering along the edges and projections. In addition to the aforementioned scope blocks, the rifle has a globe front sight fitted, but no provision for a barrel sight. There are also small holes, about 1 back from the muzzle, for installation of the small steel dowels (not fitted) necessary for using Pope's toggle lever bullet starter. The frame retains about 60-70% of the original color case-hardening with the balance faded to an even pewter gray patina, and that carries over onto the spurred underlever as well. The tang has a flip-up Vernier sight, and a Winchester folding palm rest is fitted to the forend. The forend itself is in fine condition with only some minor handling marks and small blemishes in the original varnish finish. The schuetzen style buttstock has a swooping cheek-piece (labeled a Dutch cheek pc. in the accompanying Cody data sheet), and hooked, Helm buttplate. The original, numbered false muzzle, and numbered bullet starter (both numbered 357) are also included. The action is smooth, fully functional, and the Schuetzen double-set triggers (also listed on the data sheet) have crisp let-off. The accompanying data sheet states that the rifle was originally chambered in .38-55, confirms the configuration of the forend and buttstock, and lists a return for repair on May 10, 1899. This is a fantastic High Wall from the Winchester Firearms Company. Antique