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Item #20671

.380 MK 2 Revolver Ammunition For Ruger Security Six 96Rnds

  • Price: $175.00
  • Maker: Indian
  • Model: Ammo
  • Caliber: .380 ACP

  • Description: This sealed plastic bag contains eight twelve round packages (96 rnds) of 380 MK 2 dated "14-5-85." This ammo was built in India and shipped to Sturm Ruger and Co. on a shipment of 32 cases on August 11, 1985. At that time Ruger was building 30,000 single six revolvers chambered for this round for the Govt of India Border Security Force. Great for display with the Ruger or any revolver chambered for this round, these should also make great shooters.