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Item #34692

1000 Round Case of U.S. Government 45-70 Cartridges Sent to Bannerman

  • Maker: UMC
  • Model: Ball
  • Caliber: .45-70

  • Description: A unqiue case of 1000 rounds of UMC 45-70 , ball, smokeless powder. This factory case shows a unique cover marking stenciled is "Francis Bannerman, Cornhall landing, on the Hudson, New York" from Picatinnyt arsenal NJ. It also shows the remnants of a 2 1/4" US Ordenance Ink Mark. The top was broken in 4 pieces which have been glued and does't quite fit the box anymore but is the original lid. Both ends show 45 cal, the front & back show the cartridge count, and UMC Cartridge Co name and the Bridgeport Ct address. The case contains 50 unmarked military style boxes. The boxes basically remain intact with some retaining the original tie strings. The boxes are constructed of rough craft paper many of the end seams are breaking losse with age. All of the cartridges remain in excellent condition, with very clean brass cases. All are head stamped U.N.C. S&H and 45-70. The commercial supplied cartridges all show the commercial headstamp of the period. There is a great reference to the cartrtidges in the 45-70 Springfield by Frasca & Hill -Book 1 P237 to 244. it is obvious that bannermans purchased this surplus U.S. Ammo at some time, probably in the early 20th century. A unique full case of government 45-70 for the trapdoor or U.S. martial collector.